Visit The Sacramento Zoo
Published On September 15, 2018

September 15, 2018

The Sacramento Zoo - which is located in Sacramento, California - is home to over five hundred different species of animals. This is quite the feat, considering that when they first opened in 1927 there were only forty species of animals on site. Some of the animals in question that are able to be viewed by the public are around ten different kinds of primates (Sumatran Orangutan, chimpanzee, Mongoose Lemur, etc), three different breeds of large wild cats (African Lions, Snow Leopards, and Jaguars), and other mammals such as zebras, giraffes, River Otters, kangaroos, sloths, and their newest exhibit members; the meerkats. Some of the many types of birds that you can see while visiting the Sacramento Zoo are the ducks, flamingos, owls, parrots, Kookaburras, and many more. Also featured at the Sacramento Zoo are reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and fish. Some of the interesting critters that fall under this category are geckos, iguanas, turtles & tortoises, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, goldfish, and koi fish.

Admission prices into the Sacramento Zoo are based on your age group. General admission tickets are available for purchase for $14.95, senior admission tickets can be bought for $13.95 if you are sixty-five and older, child tickets for little ones aged two through eleven years old cost $9.95. Children aged one-year-old or younger are able to get into the Sacramento Zoo for free.

If you decide that you would like to become a member of the Sacramento Zoo, then there are multiple member packages to choose from. 2% of all membership goes directly to help support animal conservation and each membership comes with a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits include free general admission into the zoo for an entire year, express entry through the member's entrance, discounted admission to other certain zoos and even into some aquariums, discounts to zoo events and other programs, and much more. A basic membership package for one person costs $40, basic two-person membership costs $75, a family membership for two adults and up to four children aged two-seventeen years old can be purchased for $135, and the member PLUS pack costs $245 and allows the same freedoms as the family membership, but also allows two additional adult guests twenty zoo ride tickets and two child tickets to the Ice Cream Safari.

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