Visit Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento
Published On May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018

Sutter’s Fort Sacramento is considered to be one of the most renowned of all Sacramento attractions. This historical landmark features many artifacts that preserve the history behind pioneer and Californian settlement. In many ways, Sutter’s Fort provides the public with a greater understanding of the development of the state of California, and the influence of John Sutter, the man responsible for the construction of Sutter’s Fort.

About Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento

In 1839, John Sutter received a land grant from the sacramento Valley and Mexican government with the intention of creating a productive agriculture center. Sutter’s Fort was constructed shortly following the approval of the grant, and the land was given the name of New Helvetia. This name roughly translates to “New Switzerland”. This location gained popularity after John Sutter provided resources to the Donner Party, a group of people trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and became the prevalent settling place for early Californian immigrants. However, Sutter’s Fort was later overrun by gold miners less than a decade after the fort had been constructed. Sutter’s Fort was recently reconstructed into the educational and historical landmark it is today.

There are many highlights to visiting Sutter’s Fort. Events at the fort are hosted throughout the year, and there are two programs offered at the fort: Sutter’s Fort or Bust, the Environmental Living Program, and the Environmental Studies Program. Each of these programs are designed to teach those more about the park that the fort is located within, and the history of Sutter’s Fort. Several of these programs also involve hands-on activities to engage those learning about the area, making a visit to Sutter’s Fort an educational and unforgettable experience. Tours of the area are also offered to all who visit, making this the perfect place to visit while in the Sacramento area!

Located near the Sutter Medical Center, Sutter’s Fort is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Free parking is offered on Sunday. If you’re looking for a room to stay in while exploring Sutter’s Fort among other hotels in Sacramento, look no further than Arden Acres. Complete with guest amenities and friendly staff, this hotel provides the lowest rates available when you book your stay directly online.

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