Tour Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park
Published On December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

The Leland Stanford Mansion is one of the most popular state historic parks in Sacramento, for it is an impressive specimen of Second Empire architecture that reminds us of the beauty and glory of the Victorian era and its presence in modern day California.

This 19,000 square foot mansion is a site that impresses visitors with its gorgeous crystal chandeliers, polished French wooden panels, and gilded mirrors. Today, it serves as a historic state park for the citizens of California, and the official state reception center to receive leaders from all over the world.

About the Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park

The opulent Leland Stanford Mansion state park in Sacramento allows you to transport yourself back in the glorious Victorian era, and as soon as you begin strolling through its curved pathways, you are captivated by the decorative elements of this architectural masterpiece. It used to be the home of one of the most imminent and influential governors of California, Leland Stanford, the man who founded Stanford University and paved the way for the development of railroads within the state.

Walking through the well-structured 19th-century plantings and curved pathways of its Victorian gardens is a memorable experience. Governor Stanford and his wife renovated the mansion in 1872 to reflect a European flair. The house and its ornamented windows, intricately carved moldings, detailed woodwork, arched doorways, historic paintings, and the curved balustrades have been restored to their former glory with painstaking diligence.

A guided tour of the mansion will take you back in time, allowing you to feast your eyes on the splendors of the Victorian era in California. The tours provide details of the interior décor, history of the Stanford family and their amazing contributions to the state of California. If you are a passionate about California history, you will find this tour extremely informative and immersive.

If you want to obtain more information about the family history and the heritage of the mansion, visit the visitor center. Here you can watch several short films about the on-site exhibits.

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