Old Sacramento State Historic Park
Published On July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018

Sacramento, California, the state capitol, also known as “The City of Trees,” attracts tourists from all over the world. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, unique architecture, and rich history around every corner and breathtaking nature views only a short drive away. During your stay, be sure to visit Old Sacramento State Historic Park. 

Visit Old Sacramento State Historic Park

Located on the Sacramento River, and remodeled for tourists since the 1960’s, Old Sacramento State Historic Park District covers twenty-eight acres and is bursting with rich history and endless excitement. Enjoy dozens of unique local-owned shops with novelty gifts, jewelry, clothing, antiques, and collectibles. Enjoy casual dining at a variety of family-style restaurants with treats for the whole family, or savor gourmet cuisine at one of the many five-star venues. There are approximately three dozen restaurants. Tour one of seven shops available for wine and beer tastings enjoy live music performances, award-winning tattoo parlors, multiple historical attractions and exciting museums, riverboat rides, railroad excursions or a horse and carriage tour over the old-fashioned cobblestone walkways throughout the entire district. No matter which corner you turn, you’re sure to discover an adventure that is fun for the whole group. 

Two classic favorites amongst locals and tourists alike include Waterfront Yoga and Old Sacramento Guided Tours.  Start the morning right, or pep up your afternoon spirit with Waterfront Yoga. Several times a week under the J Street canopy, The Yoga Seed Collective teams up for complimentary yoga classes for anyone wishing to attend. Enjoy beautiful riverside views and sweet canopy shade while discovering your inner zen. Or receive an insightful glimpse of the rich history of Sacramento and the Waterfront with guided tours of Old Town Sacramento’s underground history and a better understanding of the museum exhibits. 

A new and popular attraction is the 90-minute river tour on the Sac Brew Boat. Bring your own alcohol and enjoy beautiful lakefront views and time with colleagues or friends on a 30-foot-long boat with a large rear paddle. The Brew Boat seats a maximum of sixteen individuals under a shade canopy. Participate by sitting in one of the ten pedal stations, surrounding the center bar, or sit back and relax in one of the five lounge seats. While pedaling is encouraged and contributes to the experience, the Brew Boat is equipped with a 10-horsepower electric motor to assist with navigation. Each tour provides a friendly, licensed boat captain and deck-hand, an ice-stocked cooler for beverages, and an ice water cooler. Guests are encouraged to bring their own beverages, snacks, and music to ensure an unforgettably enjoyable escapade. 

Operating seven days a week with five daily tours, this chartered expedition is a fabulous way to celebrate parties, team building and to have a great time while enjoying the Sacramento Riverfront.

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